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For many patients looking to straighten their smile, the cumbersome and obvious nature of traditional metal braces acts as a deterrent to orthodontic treatment. At Adler Dental, our team provides Invisalign® clear aligner trays for patients throughout the Flatiron District of Manhattan, allowing them to achieve straighter teeth without compromising smile aesthetics. 

What can Invisalign Fix?

For patients who qualify, Invisalign is able to correct many of the same alignment and occlusal issues as traditional braces, without the detracting from your smile aesthetics. This treatment is especially ideal for those patients looking to make minor adjustments, or to correct lapses in alignment from prior orthodontic treatment. Some of the problems corrected by this treatment include:

- Overcrowding
- Gaps in the smile
- Crossbite
- Overbite
- Underbite

How Invisalign Works

Made from durable thermoplastic, Invisalign trays are nearly invisible when in place, allowing patients to feel confident in the appearance of their smiles. In order to begin your tray-based orthodontic treatment, our Flatiron dental team takes detailed impressions of your current alignment. These impressions are used to plan the course of your treatment, including number of trays needed. This enables us to determine the time it will take to attain your ideal smile. 

Each set of trays needs to be worn for about two weeks, gently re-aligning your teeth to create proper dentition. At the end of your treatment, a retainer helps maintain optimal position, limiting the risk of teeth shifting out of alignment.

The Benefits of Invisalign

Apart from smile cosmetics, Invisalign offers several benefits in hygiene and convenience. Removing the trays during meals allows patients to continue eating the foods they love, without having to worry about the effects it may have on their orthodontic appliances. Without having to clean around brackets or wires, you can continue to brush and floss normally. These ease of life advantages make orthodontics easy, avoiding the need to change eating and hygiene routines around cumbersome metal appliances.

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To find out whether you qualify for Invisalign orthodontic trays, schedule your next appointment with Adler Dental today. We provide discrete orthodontic treatment for patients throughout the Flatiron Business District and the neighboring communities of NYC’s borough of Manhattan.


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